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Hunting Packages 2018
The Double Deuce Ranch offers several affordable package options, all of which offer a premier hunting experience:
    5 Day Whitetail and Turkey Archery Hunt
        Includes 1 buck, 1 doe, 2 turkeys
        $1950 per hunter
        Rut: $2150 per hunter
    4 1/2 Day Whitetail Rifle Hunt
        Includes 1 buck and 1 doe
        $2950 per hunter
    4 Day Late Season Whitetail Muzzleloader Hunt
        Includes 1 buck and 1 doe
        $2650 per hunter
    3 Night - 3 Day Spring Turkey Hunt
        1-2 turkeys depending upon dates
        includes morel mushroom hunting
        $1750 per hunter

    3 Night - 2 Day Rabbit Hunt
        November 15 through February 15
        6 rabbits per day
        2 rooster pheasants (when in season)
        up to 8 quail per day (when in season)
        $1250 per hunter
All hunting packages include free lodging, meals, and beverages.

Fishing is also included.
    (walleye, bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish, perch)

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